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"Tracy Dishman is a secret weapon. Her work is flawless and she has brought depth and authenticity to every project we've worked on together. I need more Tracy!"

Aubrey Plaza // Actress & Producer // BLACK BEAR

"My favorite part of working with Tracy was her ability to flow with the ever-changing scripts and her general excitement towards her job. Every decision she made to help execute the world was thoughtful, out of the box and better than anything we came up."

Jillian Bell // Actress & Producer // IDIOTSITTER

"Tracy Dishman is an incredible talent, team leader and creative."

Sia // Director & Popstar // MUSIC

"Tracy Dishman is a creative genius. Everything she touches is infused with realism and originality. She is incredibly hardworking and unflappable. I wish she was President of the United States."

 Laura Chinn // Actress & Producer // FLORIDA GIRLS

"Tracy DIshman is the partner you want to have in production design. She comes with a strong, clear storytelling vision, yet she is also insanely collaborative and flexible. She can see the big picture but also understands that so much is in the details. She will make your ideas better. She will make your project better."

Lennon Parham // Actress & Producer // PLAYING HOUSE

"With her signature wit and attention to detail, Tracy Dishman is an asset to every production she's on. Her talent for design and artistic sensibility accentuates character, story and aesthetic, making each project she is on better for having her as a part of it."

Fred Savage // Actor & Director // PLAYING HOUSE 

"Tracy Dishman is the ideal department head. Not only was her work as a production designer inspired, but she was also an incredible team leader and joyful collaborator."

Lawrence Michael Levine // Director & Writer // BLACK BEAR

"Tracy always heightens and enriches each film with brilliant and confident leadership. She makes the impossible - possible. A true collaborator and visionary."

Richard Bosner // Head of Production // Blue Creek Pictures

"Tracy Dishman is one of those rare designers who is beloved by both creators and line producers. Her vision is a driving force throughout production and she knows when and where to pick her battles. I always know when I get pushback from Tracy that she is probably right, which is both infuriating and endearing."

John Skidmore // Head of Production // JAX Media

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